Our Catalog Is Available Online

Posted by: CEP Admin

This information will follow the flow of the website describing each link.

Across the top on the right side are the various informational tabs including HOME, COMPANY, PRODUCTS, ORDERING and CONTACT.  Once you add an item to your summary, another link, Quote Request Summary, will appear allowing you to review the current products added to your request.  Starting with HOME, you can read about Controlled Environment Products and view the Featured Products at this time.

Under the COMPANY tab, you can get information about our parent company, Standard Safety Equipment Company, along with more history of the Controlled Environment Products Division.

Moving on to PRODUCTS – hovering over this tab will display a list of our product categories.   Clicking on any heading will take you into that product line for information as well as the ability to add items to a quote request.

Under the ORDERING tab are several documents to assist in ordering our products.  There you will find:

  1. Request for Quote will navigate to the Quote Request Summary which will display each of the items you have added.  The added items will remain in the summary until the request is completed and submitted – even if you close the browser and return at another time.
  2. Chamber Specification Form to print, complete and submit to our Customer Service department to make your choices on the location of the various Chamber and Canopy options
  3. Instructions navigates to a link that contains various “How To” documents including:
    • Product Instructionshow to install things like Compression Glove Rings and Doors as well as how to assemble air filters and sterilizing cylinders, clean the isolators and uses for our various rolls of tape.
    • Chamber – Canopy Ordering Checklist to ensure that you include all of the items on your Request for Quote that you intended to order.
    • Details on How To Order Controlled Environment Products to use as a step guide to best communicate your configuration requirements to our Customer Service department.
  4. Printable Price List

The CONTACT link takes you to a form that allows you to communicate with our Customer Service Department via email or obtain our mailing address as well as telephone number and normal hours of operation.

Notice the Categories list on the left side of the screen.  Roll your mouse over these category headings and click on the product group to get more information about the available items.  Clicking on some categories, such as Chamber & Canopy or Chamber Accessories  will bring up another selection to allow you to narrow down the choices further while the other categories will retrieve all of the individual items available in that grouping. For ease of access, you will notice that the Categories links will remain visible and accessible at all times.  Categories and the PRODUCTS links are alike; you can get to the same information either way.

Once in the item displays, a View Details button will be available.  Clicking on this button will retrieve a more detailed description of that specific item including information such as the dimensions of a Chamber or the size specifications of a clamp.  Also in the View Details screen is a button, Add to Quote, to add the item to the Quote Request Summary.  Once an item has been added to the quote, a link will appear at the top of the screen.  Simply click on the link to navigate to the quote request summary and the ability to submit that request to us.  If instead you want to continue to add items, click on the Back to (Category) button.

Check back here periodically to see new tips about our website tools and other information. 

We are already working on future enhancements.  Our first project is to provide you with a tool that will automatically walk you through a Build-An-Environment process prompting you to answer questions regarding your needs and wants and automatically creating a Request for Quote from those answers so you won’t need to hunt for each item you want/need in your isolator environment.

We look forward to your comments and questions on our website.  Contact our Customer Service.